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Our NPTC qualified Tree surgeons have a wide range of knowledge and are pleased to help.


We give advice and you can be assured the job will get done correctly ensuring safety is top priority.


We will not rest until you are happy, with free help and support we will explain why we would do a specific task.


Crown thinning & reduction


By using ropes and harness’s we are able to safely work within the trees canopy, to remove specific branches to allow more air flow throughout the tree. This will stimulate new growth but will also allow more light throughout. An all-round reduction may be done to reshape the existing tree and bring it back into line. Depending on the customer’s request we can reduce the outer branches from 5%-50% after the inspection of each tree.



* Required



This is a misunderstood term for the public and persons not familiar with arboriculture/tree surgery. In a nut shell it is a way of cutting back and reducing a tree back to its trunk. There could be many reasons for doing this one could have easily out grown its environment and be causing shady areas. This will therefore allow light to pass through the tree and reduce shady areas usually caused by the trees foliage.




Selective target pruning can be done on any tree or shrub to suit your liking, this could be the removal of specific limbs to create your required needs, example: a limb may be touching your house and could possibly be causing damage. This could also mean target pruning a fruit tree to help generate more fruit.




There may be many reason for lifting a tree, one may be to allow more light into the garden, or something as simple as being able to cut your grass without being attacked by those low sweeping branches.


Dead wooding


Taking habitat into consideration, if a tree or selected branches became dangerous to yourself, children or even your pet we can remove the dead wood safely. Our expert team will evaluate the situation and see exactly what the best port of call may be. By using a mechanical lift we are able to remove or dismantle even the most challenging trees or limbs.


Tree removal


In some cases there is no other option than to totally remove a tree or hedge line, this is done by using several techniques depending on the location. In a domestic garden or tight space the tree is dismantled piece by piece and lowered on ropes. However if a tree is in an open space with plenty of room, we can fell the tree whole by using specific cuts and ropes we are able to guide the tree in the exact direction intended.




We always encourage customers to re plant an area if the tree or hedge line has been removed completely. Our skilled work force can organise planting schemes to suit your liking.


Hedge trimming


Done as little or often as specifically asked, no matter how high or low or what time of year we can create a well maintained hedge line.


Stump grinding


The most effective way of removing a stump is to grind out using a petrol powered rotating blade moved side to side, to chip away at that unsightly stump to below ground level.


Chipping service


We offer a chipping service for customers who are unable to make numerous trips to their local dumping site.


Seasoned logs


The perfect winter warmer split logs can be delivered free of charge to your property, either sold loose by cubic meters or in net bags for your own preference, please contact for prices.


Wood chip


A waste product created by the chipping of branches done on site and stored for 6 months to season. This can be used in and around your garden as a cheaper option than other aggregates. Woodchip can also be used on well used muddy areas to soak up and create a bio degradable temporary pathway.



To ensure your deck structure provides years of trouble free life it needs careful planning and design along with good quality materials and workmanship. All of our garden decks are built to last, constructed to specification and only using high quality pressure treated timbe


Whether you choose decking on it’s own, or to compliment a paved or turfed area, your garden deck can be built in any

shape or size whether it’s raised or flat, geometrical or curved, single or multi-levels the choice is yours.


Softwood decking - Hardwood decking - Slip resistant decking

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