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To create a perfect area is what we aim to achieve either at your home address, your work or place of leisure.


Perfection is important with previous experience and qualifications in green keeping, we are able to relay our skills.


Our maintenance team work hard to provide an all year round service for all of your maintenance needs.


Grass cutting


Using a variety of push mowers, ride on mowers, scarifiers, aerators and rollers we are able to maintain a high standard throughout grass management. This could be a fine kept cricket wicket, your local park or football pitch, we can assure all areas are maintained to the highest standard.




Grass grows so quickly especially in hard to reach

* Required


places, up sign posts, on steep verges, field surrounds and ditches. Our maintenance team work effectively by doing the work as promptly but as safely as possible.


Line marking


Creating a nice crisp edge around your field, running track, or cricket square we do it all.


Weed killing


Weeds always grow where they are not wanted, now you don’t have to worry, using specific weed killers to suit the area we can kill weeds for a lot longer than your standard shop brought weed killers. This could be in or around your garden pathway, around your office or car park either way the weeds will be no longer.


Turf management


Our NPTC team use various chemicals to create the perfect playing surface. The application of several herbicides and pesticides is done throughout the year to create lush green swards of grass specifically for you.


Litter picking and leaf clearance


Litter and leaves are a problem all year round especially in those corners were they always collect. If they are not cleared throughout autumn and into winter, the problem will consist.



To ensure your deck structure provides years of trouble free life it needs careful planning and design along with good quality materials and workmanship. All of our garden decks are built to last, constructed to specification and only using high quality pressure treated timbe


Whether you choose decking on it’s own, or to compliment a paved or turfed area, your garden deck can be built in any

shape or size whether it’s raised or flat, geometrical or curved, single or multi-levels the choice is yours.


Softwood decking - Hardwood decking - Slip resistant decking

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